Why Do You Wright?

Posted: August 29, 2015 in Uncategorized



My name is Kelli Wright and I’m a transfer Senior to Towson University from The Juilliard School and California Institute of the Arts. My major is Mass Communication with a trek in broadcast journalism. I’m an Army brat who traveled around the country until my mother left the Army. I’ve lived in England, my sister was born in Germany and I’ve also been to Israel. I love to travel and try new things (especially in the food category). I began acting at the age of 13 and have pursued it with a passion since.

I love the camera! I’m always trying to figure out whether I want to be behind it or in front of it. I want to start my own variety show where I can use all of my passions in one vehicle.  I could act in vignettes like SNL, perform my own live music and infuse the discussion of  world corruption in the exact same way Russell Brand does with “Trews”


I’m a big dreamer and I see the need for a change in the way the news is being reported. People are hungry for the truth. They do not want to be advertised to and milked for money. We want to be seen as humans whose lives have value.

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