Help Wanted: How Twitter Can Lead to Your Dream Job

Posted: September 13, 2015 in Uncategorized

Columbia Journalism Review (CJR) wrote a very inspiring article on the importance of Twitter, especially if you’re an up and coming journalist.  They ask some compelling questions.

“Can you still be an effective journalist if you ignore Twitter?” (par. 4)

They list some ways to tell if twitter should be a concern of yours. Though it can seem like a time zapper to the “always time constrained” writer or the old dog who’s tired of turning…I mean, learning new tricks. It shows examples of some big wigs who can afford to ignore Twitter.

Dean Baquet, Executive Editor of The NY Times has only tweeted twice (I looked at his twitter page and it is STILL the same. Two tweets from 2014.) Granted, with such a high profile job, it doesn’t really behoove him to interact in the opinionated realm of social media. He has people to do that for him.


What about the likes of us?

We are fresh faces to this platform and job seekers. CJR suggests that we NEED Twitter especially as job seekers. I completely agree. Throw your 140 word leads out into the Twitter-verse, my friends! Interact! Tweet to your favorite journalists. Get your hand in the game. Social media has changed the game. You no longer have to live in a major city to have your story found by the majors. A few careful tweets with some good hash-tagging can get you far. You could land your dream job. for me, that would be holding Taylor Swift’s purse.

We have been learning about the importance of a lead. A strong, short and precise piece of language that captures your audience. What better way to learn to write a strong lead than with the helpful practice of Twitter? There is no feeling like having a celebrity re-tweet or like your tweet. I have even gained celebrity followers by showing 140 words worth of solidarity with their music, cause etc. It is my biggest goal be followed by Taylor Swift.

One day people, it’s going to work!

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