Harvesting Fall: Portraits of a Season

Posted: September 27, 2015 in Uncategorized

Carter's Fall

Seasonal Silly

My “Portrait of Fall” features my best little guy, my son, Carter. I love this picture because it brings to mind all of the things I think of when I think fall.






Seeing fall through a child’s eyes makes it come alive! I no longer vibrate images like cold, tired, stay in and eat Chipotle. It becomes a season of discovery and arrival. Thank God for toddlers! The rule of composition involving framing is at work here. The trees are used to frame Carter making him the focal point of the shot.

Towson Tiger

Eye of a Towson Tiger

We are a fierce university! We are golden and gutsy.

Viewing the Towson Tiger from this angle shows all the feelings welling up in me as I discuss my experiences at Towson.

Before I became a Towson Tiger I was a…well…nothing because I went to schools focused on Art. Baltimore School for the Arts has no mascot or football team to cheer for. The Juilliard School has no cheerleading squad to bounce about in little skirts. CalArts had no days of one class at 2pm.

No sir, I never knew what I was missing!

The Tigers eyebrow falls within the rule of thirds eading you down to his ferocious eye. I feel the eye and the Tiger’s claws take main stage in this photo.

Carter Cut

Carter Cut

This portrait for me sums up the feelings of being a mother. My son is five! Five? When did that happen? Just yesterday I was changing his diaper. Now he’s changing. Growing up. Wanting his hair freshly cut. He is a little boy exploring who he will be as a man.

Men unite in barbershops.

The men stood around my son and congratulated him on not crying during his hair cut. They joked with him and welcomed him into the fellowship. Every day he is growing further from my hands.

When I send him into the world may he wear a cape. He will be Superman! In terms of composition, Carter’s knee falls on what is normally the focal point in the rule of thirds. The cape takes center focus leading up to a little head. he viewer may be surprised to find this is the image of a kid getting a haircut and not an adult.

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