Network to Net Worth- Celebrating Internship Week at Towson University

Posted: October 6, 2015 in Uncategorized
Photo by Kelli Wright

Photo by Kelli Wright

During Towson Universities “Internship Week” (October 5-9th) students will be able to network with industry leaders, learn resume tips and discover opportunities abroad with the chance of gaining full-time employment once they graduate.

Students meandered into Loch Raven Commons with a final count of about 25 students and 6 main panelists. The Career Center is focused on ensuring employment for Towson University students once they graduate. With an unsteady economy and constant talk on the news of unemployment and dwindling retirement benefits, colleges should take the future of their students into their own hands.

Many of the students seem unsure and frightful of the things that could possibly hold them back from getting jobs. Tattoos? Piercings? “No,” assured the panelists uniformly. This included the National Security Agency which warned student they do a full psychological evaluation and lie detector test.

Kicking off the festivities was an enlightening discussion entitled “What Internship Employers Want” with several speakers from Target, Morgan Stanley, The United Way, The National Security Agency (NSA) and Towson’s own Chris Komisar, a senior graphic designer at the college currently looking for Mass Communications interns.

“When you guys choose an internship, make sure it’s not running to get someone’s coffee. You want to be a part of the team and gain real world experience. I came here today to tell students the importance of an internship. It leads to jobs and direct connections.

Students were given the opportunity to ask some questions in order to help secure their futures in an unsteady economy.

“What can I do to increase my chances of a full-time offer?” asked Robert Hoffmann.

“Internships, job fairs and use detail to make your resume come to life!” answered Kelly Harrison a campus recruiter in HR for Morgan Stanley.

The students in the audience seemed very concerned with how to make themselves stand out at the job fair Friday.

“It’s the little details on the resume. Tense, grammar. Do you match the role you’re applying for? Be yourself. No one wants to hire a robot,” advised Brian Gerardo a representative from United Way.

“Quality over quantity,” advises Naomi a Towson student who did an internship with Target and after graduation was offered the position of Store Manager, “Students think they have to clog up their resume with experience but it’s truly the quality of your experience that shows what type of worker you are.”

Rest assured that they should be themselves the students began questioning how to do well once they received the internship.

“Fully immerse yourself in the position. Ask great questions, challenge yourself and ask for feedback,” says Tony Battaglia a store manager from Target.

“Do your job well. See the role listed on paper as a guideline not the absolute. Foster mentorships, build relationships. Build the companies culture,” chimed in Mr. Gerardo.

All of these companies will be at the Towson 2015 Fall Career and Internship Fair held in West Village Commons Ballroom from 12pm-3pm. With most of the employers noting they hire the students they use as interns, it is the must attend event of the month.

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