Eat a Slice, Take my Advice!

Posted: October 12, 2015 in Uncategorized
Photo by Kelli Wright

Photo by Kelli Wright

Choosing an internship can be tough taught the Towson University Career Center to students attending the Advice and a Slice networking event aimed at teaching students how to apply for internship opportunities on campus.

Nadia Natafgi, a former Towson University student spoke on her experiences with a bad internship.

“It was always take me to the train or get me a coffee,” says Nadia of her internship experience at the campaign offices of Otis Rolley as he ran for mayor in 2011, “No one got to know me and no networking opportunities came from the job.”

Nadia had some great advice for students looking to attain a meaningful internship. Trust your instincts. Chances are if it doesn’t feel right, it isn’t.

Look for an opportunity that fits into what you want to do after college. Nadia had no political interest and chose the job because she believed it would be nice to have on her resume. It was a non-paid opportunity that often left her stuck with a hefty gas bill after carting around members of Mr. Rolley’s office all day.

She ended up finding another internship through the Towson Career Center that led to something she loved, nature.

“At Irvine Nature Center, I got the chance to lead kids on nature walks.”

The change in pace paid off as Nadia ended up being promoted to team lead and was offered a job straight out of college.

“I was a mess in the beginning. I was late to work and goofed off, Nadia said, “But eventually I buckled down, became a professional and received a pay raise over the other employees. It was worth it!”

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