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Posted: March 21, 2018 in acting, juilliard, theater, trump, Uncategorized
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I will be officially playing Tituba in The Crucible by Arthur Miller in Feb 2019! I’m pretty excited as this is my first play in 6 years. Talk about going on hiatus. However, breaking from acting for a while has been great. I have stumbled through life and gained too much life experience. My hunger for acting and the ways in which in can change the world (not just for the recognition and money and fame like a real millennial) has been renewed. I’m very excited to start living out loud. I’m starting to involve my son to teach him the importance of creativity.

And is this not the best time to do The Crucible? History definitely repeats itself. Whether it’s the witch hunt or the red scare or the regime of Trump; we can all see how fear makes people do crazy things!


Stray Dog Theater and the cast list is on their Facebook page Stray Dog theater Facebook Page

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